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Not for Profit Programs Dedicated to Supporting our Students

On this page you will find program descriptions from non-profits serving New Hampshire children. If you know of a program hat should be added to list, please email

Support for Children Affected by Cancer

Everyday kids in your schools learn that someone they love has cancer. These kids are at risk socially, developmentally, emotionally, and academically. On Belay is a free adventure program designed exclusively for them. This is a place where they can connect with other kids who understand what it’s like when your sibling or parent has cancer.

On Belay programs can give them:

  • A community of other kids who understand
  • An opportunity to support others and to be supported.
  •  A day off from cancer. We want them to know it is ok for them to be a kid.
  • An opportunity to nurture and connect to their inner resilience.

On Belay is not therapy, but it is very therapeutic. At On Belay we do not talk about cancer. Instead, adventure is the catalyst to connect and meet challenges together. Day long and evening programs are run monthly Feb – Nov. Kids can come for as long and as often as they need to. Kids are welcome regardless of where their person is being treated or what stage of treatment they are in. Kids will meet other kids who love someone in remission, in active treatment, and those who have lost someone.

For more information, go to our website or give us a call 866-442-3529 and speak with Aaron, our program director.


Mayhew is a not-for-profit organization striving to provide a positive environment for “at-risk” New Hampshire boys, ages 10-12, to challenge themselves in ways they never before thought possible. Boys are referred to Mayhew for many different reasons—some have demonstrated questionable behaviors at home and at school that make them at-risk for more serious problems in the future while others simply lack the opportunity to participate in the sorts of activities Mayhew offers—but every boy enrolled is chosen because he could benefit from the inevitable boost in self-esteem and self-control that Mayhew can help instill. Although Mayhew works year-round with the boys—all of whom participate tuition-free—the foundation for a boy’s growth as part of the program resides in his first two summers spent on Mayhew Island, a place where a community of 25 staff—inevitably a crew of uncommon maturity, strength of character, and commitment to purpose—come together to serve as role-models and sources of support for the boys of the program. Together, boys and staff alike, we strive each summer to create the most positive, supportive, and uniquely challenging community that we can muster. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE

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