Promote Hand Hygiene in Your School
December 4th - 10th is Hand Washing Awareness Week

Influenza activity continues to increase and COVID has not gone away. The best prevention in the school setting is HAND WASHING. Please teach your students the Four Principles of Hand Awareness, and make the time available during the day for your students to practice it! Endorsed by the American Medical Association and American Academy of Family Physicians, the four principles are: 1) Wash your hands when they are dirty and before eating; 2) Do not cough into hands; 3) Do not sneeze into hands; and 4) Don't put your fingers in your eyes, nose or mouth.

NHSNA School Health Manual

The School Health Manual provides resources on the most important issues and topics for school nurse practice. NHSNA is the voice of New Hampshire School Nursing and this  manual continues that commitment to excellence.


Scholarship Money Available

Scholarships are available yearly for members of NHSNA. Reimbursement will be made after applicant sends verification of successful course completion. Deadline is April 1st.    READ MORE HERE

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Covid Updates

 8-12-2022 Updated COVID-19 guidance from the CDC.


Initial COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Map for 4 Mos. to 5 Years of Age

Medical practice and pharmacy vaccine locations


Positive home COVID test results can now be reported to NH Public Health by filling out the online form at….

COVID-19 testing is offered at 90 locations statewide, including at hospitals, pharmacies and urgent-care centers.

DPHS Education Liaison: Sheryl Nielsen 603-271-6996

Calls with Healthcare and Public Health Partners
School nurses are invited to attend these calls with NH DPHS:
November call is cancelled,  Next call is Thursday, December 8th from 12-1 pm

Calls with Healthcare and Public Health Partners
Recurring calls are scheduled for 2nd Thursday of each month from 12 - 1 PM   Click Here for log-in information    

Slide decks from all public health calls may be found on this page:

All NH Health Area Network Alerts may be found on this page:

Immunization and Legislative Updates

2022 - 2023 Immunization Requirements for School Attendance

HB 1035 was passed and the impact on school nursing is that the religious exemption form no longer requires a notary.  The form published below was approved by JLCAR for use.  

Published October 2022  Religious Exemption Form

School Nurses now have access to the NH Immunization Registry: 
There are procedures in place to have School Nurses gain access.

New State Law: 
House Bill 1035: Effective 7/19/2022
Result: Religious Exemptions no longer require a notary.
NH DOE Technical Advisory

House Bill 1131: Vetoed by Governor Sununu 05/20/2022
Result: School boards and districts may require facial masks.

House Bill 1606:  Effective 7/01/2023
Result:  Patients will have to opt-in or opt-out for every vaccination given, instead of once for each patient.  DHHS will have to find a new vendor for the program at a cost of $42 million over four years of development.  

House Bill 1244  Effective 7/26/2022
This bill requires a child's parent or legal guardian to provide explicit written consent for any medical or dental treatment provided in a school setting.
School Board Association Memo to School Administration

How to Spot Monkeypox: A Tutorial
Jun 15, 2022 Very few physicians have seen Monkeypox, and its eradicated cousin Smallpox. In this tutorial, Dermatology professor Dr. Lisa Iannottone goes over how to identify Monkeypox, how to distinguish it from similar looking rashes caused by Chickenpox and other illnesses.

has partnered with NHSNA to provide valuable services to school nurses.

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Take Action!

In our first direct action, we ask our Governor, Congressional delegation, and Executive Councilors to address climate change for a healthier NH.  Join our Advisory Board, Board of Directors, and many NH healthcare associations by signing this letter.  Every voice matters and there is clearly strength in numbers!


Mission: As registered professional school nurses, we provide comprehensive school health services to ensure that all students achieve their full education potential.

Vision: New Hampshire School Nurses Association (NHSNA) provides leadership and education to support New Hampshire school nurse standards of practice, care coordination, leadership, quality improvement, and community public health.  New Hampshire school nurses are committed to promoting the health of students and school communities through evidence based clinical practice, health promotion, and education. NH school nurses are integral members of the school leadership and education teams, and are committed to collaborating with professional organizations and health care teams. Through strength in membership and advocacy, NHSNA creates the infrastructure to promote excellence in school nurse practice across the state.

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