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School Nurse of the Year

Each year the New Hampshire School Nurses Association gives school districts throughout the state the opportunity to nominate their school nurse for "NH School Nurse of the Year".

This award recognizes an outstanding school nurse for her contributions to the school and community. To be eligible for this award your school nurse must meet the following criteria:

  • Is a registered professional nurse
  • Has been practicing school nursing for a minimum of three (3) years
  • Must be a current member of NHSNA, as well as a member last year (two consecutive years).
  • Shows evidence of excellence in school nursing practice.

Deadline for nominations is Wednesday, February 1, 2017     Nomination Application

Instructions for Nomination Process

For questions, contact Kathy Barth at

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The New Hampshire Association of School Nurses is a statewide collaboration of School Nurses.  We are here to support school nurses and all they do to maintain a healthy environment for our children.
This website is here so you can learn more about school nursing and our association and to provide an online community and resource to NHSNA members.  Support your fellow School Nurses by joining NHSNA.

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01 Apr 2017 8:00 AM • SERESC 29 Commerce Drive Bedford, NH 03310



SOLD OUT!  This conference will be repeated August 21, 22nd and 23rd 2017. Registration will open in May.

Day 3 Agenda

APRIL 1, 2017  


 NHSNA Annual Spring Conference

to be held at SERESC in Bedford, NH

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Agenda for April 1st

MAY 6 & 7, 2017

New England School Nurse Conference

Sharing Solutions to Navigate our Course

Holiday Inn by the Bay

Portland, Maine 04101 

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MAY 3RD  5:30 TO 7:30

NH Motor Speedway SAFE KIDS 500

This free event is open to all children and their families with the requirement that children are accompanied by a parent/guardian and that everyone must wear a bike helmet on the track.

Hot Topic: Bronchodialator Bill

 Download SB322 here

Asthma Emergency Inhaler Tracking Form

PowerPoint: Asthma in the School Aged Child


Senate Bill 322, passed in May 2016, allows school nurses to maintain a stock bronchodilator for the emergency treatment of asthma.  The use of the bronchodilator is limited to those students with a diagnosis of asthma, have a current Asthma Action Plan, and whose own inhaler is not available.  The inhaler can be used for multiple students but each student must be provided with a separate spacer.  The spacers cannot be shared.  The Office of Student Wellness website has is a powerpoint module that school nurses are welcome to use or adapt for staff training.  Each school year the use of the stock bronchodilator is to be reported; the form is also posted on the website.

The New Hampshire School Nurses Association has been collaborating with the New Hampshire Department of Education, the New Hampshire Public Health Association, the New Hampshire Asthma Collaborative, Acelleron and Convenient MD to find bronchodilator, spacer and nebulizer resources.

A school physician may write the prescription for these or if there is no school physician, Convenient MD will write the prescription for the school.  There is a form on the NHSNA website to use if you are requesting a prescription from Convenient MD.  Acelleron Medical Products is offering nebulizers at a reduced cost.  Information about this can also be found on the NHSNA website.

If grant funding is secured, the Department of Education and the Asthma Collaborative will be identifying schools to participate in an Asthma Pilot Project.  For more information about the pilot project please contact the School Health Coordinator Nancy Wells at   More information can be found at the Office of School Wellness and the Asthma Now website at

Mission and Vision

Mission: As registered professional school nurses, we provide comprehensive school health services to ensure that all students achieve their full education potential.

Vision: New Hampshire School Nurses Association (NHSNA) provides leadership and education to support New Hampshire school nurse standards of practice, care coordination, leadership, quality improvement, and community public health.

New Hampshire school nurses are committed to promoting the health of students and school communities through evidence based clinical practice, health promotion, and education. NH school nurses are integral members of the school leadership and education teams, and are committed to collaborating with professional organizations and health care teams. Through strength in membership and advocacy, NHSNA creates the infrastructure to promote excellence in school nurse practice across the state.

HOT TOPIC: Naloxone

The New Hampshire School Nurses' Association formed a study committee in October 2015 to look at the issue of Naloxone in the schools.  Their work is now complete and the board of the NHSNA approved this position statement for distribution.

Download Naloxone Position Statement

Opioid related  overdose kills hundreds in New Hampshire every year. Many of these deaths are preventable with the timely use of an opioid antagonist (naloxone) as well as the quick summoning of EMS and the initiation of care. NH school nurses, as allowed by local administration and policy, are in the position to administer life-saving measures in the event of an opioid overdose. In addition, as an integral part of the interdisciplinary team, school nurses are also in the unique position to provide prevention awareness and support to students, family, faculty, and staff-- a critical step in the on-going management of substance abuse and misuse.

In response to the opioid crisis in New Hampshire, the state has created the campaign "Anyone. Anytime." to educate the public and professionals about addiction, emergency overdose medications, and support services for anyone experiencing opioid addiction. 

NH Naloxone laws and resources: 

Anyone, Anytime  DrugfreeNH

House Bill 270 - Good Samaritan Law
House Bill 271 - Friends & Family Access to Naloxone

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