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General information:

A limited number of scholarships are available yearly for NH School Nurses.  The scholarship is not to exceed half the cost of the course or $500.00.  Reimbursement will be made after applicant sends verification of successful course completion.  First time applicants will have priority.

All three criteria below must be met in order to qualify:

1.  A NHSNA member for at least two years.

2.  Currently active in the practice of school nursing.

3.  Use the scholarship for accredited course work toward a nursing- related degree. OR for the NSCN exam fee.

How to apply:             Apply online

Application Deadline:  April 1, 2023

Notification:    All Applicants will be notified if they are qualified by April 30, 2023.  

Past Scholarship awards 2020:

Abigail Nichols, New Ipswich, NH

Traci Fairbanks, Chesterfield, NH

Carrie Frederiksen, Keene, NH

Jacqueline Gilmour, Monroe, NH

Kellie Allen, Tilton, NH

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