Fall Dinner Survey: June 2019

Have you ever attended a Fall Dinner Meeting? Preferred Choice
County # nurses responding YES NO Breakfast Dinner
Belknap 14 7 7 5 9
Carroll 7 1 6 2 5
Cheshire 10 4 6 2 8
Coos 3 0 3 3 0
Grafton 9 2 7 5 4
Hillsborough 27 16 11 7 20
Merrimack 27 11 16 12 15
Rockingham 24 8 16 11 13
Stafford 7 3 4 3 4
Sullivan 6 2 4 2 4
Totals: 134 54 80 52 82

COMMENTS - Response from NHSNA in Red

Either could possible work for me. I really enjoyed hearing Judge Broderick speak at the Fratellos dinner last fall.

How about Manchester area meeting, more centrally located for participants?  We were at Fratello's  in Manchester last year, and the Puritan in Manchester the year before,  we are trying to rotate where we hold our conferences.

Either would work fine for me

I can never plan ahead because always depends on kids sports schedules.

It would be great if meeting could come further north every once in a while.  We agree, and have been rotating sites across the state.  April 2018 was in the Laconia area, and April 2019 was in the south in Windham. April of 2021 We will be hosting the New England Conference in Portsmouth. 

I would actually prefer a weekday meeting and having it until 9 is late. Are there any CEUs offered?  There will be one contact hour.

Would this breakfast meeting coincide with the Basics workshop?  No, it will not.

Be great to move it north!

I often do not get out of work until 5 p.m. and to travel to Concord means I would be extremely late. Saturdays do not work for me. Any way to centralize the meeting place?

A Saturday evening would be better, it is hard traveling after a full day of work and saturday mornings usually involve sports activities.

I would prefer the Manchester or Nashua area.

Attendance would soar if you move it to Manchester. Most of the population is in Southern NH. No Saturdays please, we need to sleep in!

I have school on Saturday a.m. in Manchester

Would love to be there ! But a dinner price of $45 or more is too high. I think many nurses want to come to the meetings but wish it did not cost money.

during the school day would be best

I try to limit evening meetings in order to have dinner with my family. For that reason, I am more likely to attend a Saturday morning session.

During School hours would work best so we could use PD days for the activity

Maybe finding a more centralized location in future to help with the northern part of the state.

It takes me almost 2 hours to get to Concord. I wouldn't mind a dinner meeting but 5pm is too early. We don't get out of school until 3:30 so I can never make ti by 5.

I have a family wedding that weekend but otherwise would have preferred a breakfast meeting

It would be great if there was another location besides the Concord area, preferably, the Seacoast area.

Friday evenings are difficult as it is the end of the week and one just wants to go home after work Friday. Saturday brunch is more appealing, but Concord is a long way to travel so I would hesitate to participate in either of the proposed dates.

Concord area is typically too far of a drive for me from Hampton Falls

I will be in New York that weekend. There will be much traffic traveling to Concord on a Friday @ 5 pm on 93 north.

I am not a "member" of this organization and do not see myself joining.

closer to seacoast would be great

Unfortunately I will be away this weekend.



  YES NO  
Is the nurse allowed to administer Sunscreen? 19 11  
Is the nurse allowed to administer bug spray? 16 14  
Are teachers allowed to administer sunscreen? 17 13  
Are your teachers allowed to administer bug spray? 14 16  

Does your district have either listed in their stock medication list?


5 24 1 not sure

I have sunscreen and bug spray on my OTC list (no aerosols, k-8 school) but I encourage parents to apply before school or field trips. No written policy. I send a small supply with teachers and coaches on field trips and sports practices/games if needed.


Frequent application of CALAGEL to itchy mosquito bites with a band aid to keep the gel from rubbing off onto clothing.


Only with written parent permission.


Sunscreen is listed on our health form as an otc that parents can give consent for administration. Nurse and teachers can only give if parental consent is on file.


In our district, there is no policy on these products, but I would not apply either of them to a student without written parental permission.


We do not supply bug spray or sunscreen. If needed students would need to supply


We do not stock bug spray or sunscreen on a normal basis. So neither the RN or staff administer it.


We are allowed to apply sunscreen and/or bugspray that is supplied from home accompanied with a parent note. We do not supply or apply these products as routine.


No policies or procedures for this at my elementary school; and no district policy.


This is specific to Walpole Schools. Principal allows teachers and nurses to apply either as long as we have written parent permission. Parents are also encouraged to send in bug spray or sunscreen for their child


At the elementary Leve (PreK) - 2nd grade - I require permission to apply either.


Parents must supply sunscreen or bug spray from home and include a note with permission for them to be applied. No stock of either, students can't share own supply.


We do have a permission form for bug spray that goes home. I plan to add sunscreen to stock medication with permission for next year.


There is no policy for either. Sunscreen requires written permission from parent and they must provide their own. I'm dodging the bug spray question until administration writes or demands I write a policy.


parents must provide and complete parent permission form


We've never asked about permission for sunscreen or bug spray at the middle school level, but for sure sunscreen is available at times by individual teachers. In 12 years I've not heard a parent complaint about this. I'm considering adding the sunscreen to stock medication list.


we actually don't have any rules around bug spray and sunscreen. i have never been asked to apply bug spray to a student. as for sunscreen we do allow students to self apply but that has only been on a case by case basis. we encourage parents to apply both in the morning before school


for field days or extended outside time, parents are encouraged to apply before school. If on those special days a parent requests it applied it school, it must be sent in with a parent note and clearly labelled with student's name. . It is request that no aerosols sent, Instead bug repellant wipes and sunscreen lotion (not spray)


I wish we could apply sunscreen for field day


We have no rules/policies for or against the administration of sunscreen or bugspray.


With parent written permission are we allowed to administer child's lotion or bug spray for field trips


Notices are sent home electronically and hard copies asking parents to apply bug spray and/or sunscreen before school. Parents may also provide a private supply for their child to keep in the nurse's office with written permission for the nurse to apply before recess, etc.


parents are encouraged to apply before field trips and extended outdoor activities


I keep "lotion" type sunscreen in the office and give it to the student to self apply if needed. No sunscreen or bug "sprays" are allowed at school, only lotions, due to allergy & asthma concerns.This is communicated to parents in our handbook and bi-weekly newsletters as appropriate. We encourage parents to apply both sunscreen and bug repellent at home before school, esp. if there is an outdoor field trip. We do not have a "policy" per se about this.

narcan and condoms in high schools - may 2019

County # of schools responding Does your school provide condoms? Does your school stock Narcan for Emergency Use?
Belknap 4 4-No 1-yes; 3-No
Carroll 3 3-No 3-Yes
Cheshire 1 No Yes
Coos 2 2-No 1- Yes; 1-No
Grafton 3 2-No; 1-Yes 2-Yes; 1-No
Hillsborough 9 9-No 5-Yes, 4-No
Merrimack 6 2- Yes; 4-No 4-Yes; 2-No
Rockingham 10 10-No 6-Yes; 4-No
Strafford 4 4-No 4-No
Sullivan 2 1-Yes; 1-No 1-Yes; 1-No

44 Schools responded

Does your school provide Condoms? Yes: 4    NO: 40

Does you school stock Narcan?   YES: 24    NO:  20


1.  would love to hear from those who are stocking condoms how the process of approval went in their district.

2.   I believe we should give out condoms (if we had more $ in our decreasing budget). We have not revisited the topic with our school board though in several years.

3.  Although we have presented to our school board the need for both condoms and Narcan in our high school they have been unwilling to approve it.

4. The SChool does not give outcondoms,  but I have a supply if needed

5.  Important infection control for STDs in teens and documented not to increase sexual activity just make it safer and of course Narcan is important rescue medicine for an overdose-catch up with the times please!

6.  We do not have a policy for either. We hope we can get the approval needed to have Narcan in our office.

7.  Narcan is in the health office only because nurse attended training. There is no writtenpolicy for it yet.

8.  School board does not allow distribution of condoms

9.  Working on Narcan for emergency use, would like to carry condoms for occasional request by students who want to practice safe sex.

10.  Narcan is Stocked but no policy to be able to administer

11.  we don't advertise the Narcan, but i do have 2 units in my office

12.   I think we should be able to have condoms available for Juniors and Seniors

13.  We established a policy and now carry Narcan this year. I would like to have condoms available without advertisement for the HS population.

14.  Our students are in an area where there are other resources for condoms, and our fire station/EMS is across street from our High School. If we did not have the close proximity, i'm sure there would be more discussion in this community about availability, particularly of Narcan.

15.  We started carrying Narcan this year. We have 2 doses for student use if needed.

Medical Directors


We received information from 41 School Districts
9 of them had a Medical Director
32 of them did not.

Is the director paid or volunteer?
4 Paid
3 Didn't Know
2 Volunteer

Does the medical director write standing orders?
7 yes
2 No

Do they perform physicals?
1 Yes, for the general Population
1 Yes, for sports only
7 No

Is there another role they fill?

  • Advice and meet with district nurses once per year. Writes orders for epi pens, and reviews district policies.
  • Reviews and updates district health manual
  • There is an MD with whom we can consult when there are medical concerns or questions. He is not a director per se.
  • Serve as a resource for school nurses
  • Allow for purchase of medications, vaccines etc.
  • can contact with any questions. also offer some professional development
  • Doctor of Pediactrics in Concord NH
  • Medical and Concussion consultant
  • we do not have one
  • pediatrician for Core Pediatrics in Exeter


  • Our director is leaving the area. Our district has not yet sought a replacement.
  • we have 2 pediatric docs that we go to for orders for epi, stock inhaler, etc but they are not officially our medical directors
  • Wish we had one
  • We are a private boarding school with a licensed health center.
  • I have been trying to get one for about 7-8 years
  • Medical director is retiring at end of this school year and HR does not have plans at this time on who /when replacement will be transitioning
  • We have general medical directives for our schools written and signed by a local physician at no charge and with no oversight by Dr. Deborah Hansen.
  • I wish we did.....

What Computer Program Do You Use for Health Records?


Survey of Electronic Health Records used for nursing documentation.

111 nurses responded:  4 nurses do not have their records computerized

Rating Scale used: 1 is the best, 4 is the worst

  • 1.      I love it and would highly recommend it.
  • 2.      I have learned to like it and slightly recommend it
  • 3.      There must be something better out there, but I've made it work for me.
  • 4.      I do not recommend it at all.

# of nurses


Average rating

Yes User Friendly

NO not user Friendly

















Infinite Campus






Not rated, uses for boarding students only









Power School














What do you wear to work? week ending 2-09-18

Week ending 2/09/2018   What do you weat to work?
114 Nurses responded, 79 wear regular clothes, 30 wear scrubs, 5 wear a lab coat 
Years of service did not show a preference of one over the other
# of Nurses county Regular Clothes Scrubs Lab Coat over Reg. Clothes Years as a SN of those that wear Scrubs 
11 Belknap 10 1 0 9
2 Carroll 2 0 0  
12 Cheshire 6 4 2 3 to 19
3 Coos 3 0 0  
10 Grafton 7 3 0 3 to 17
33 Hillsborough 19 12 2 3 to 30
14 Merrimack 13 1 0 22
20 Rockinham 12 8 0 1 to 20
5 Strafford 4 0 1  
4 Sullivan 3 1 0 5

Anaphylaxis Survey

91 nurses responded representing 37,020 students

974 students were prescribed EpiPens 

Of those students,  815 had food allergies, 169 had stinging insects allergy, 22 had a history of anaphylaxis with no identified allergy

3 had an allergy to latex, 2 had cold induced urticaria, 1 had heat induced urticaria and one had a mast cell disorder mastocytosis

54 nurses have administered Epi to a student with a known allergy

19 nurses have administered Stock epinephrine to a student/staff

87 Schools have stock epinephrine, 4 schools do not

Of the  87 schools that have stock epinephrine 82 get their stock from EpiPens4Schools program


1.     Shortly after one of my students transferred to a private school, she experienced an anaphylactic reaction to nuts and was given    epi x 2 and transferred via ambulance. Her mom called me to thank me for all we had done.

2.    I believe it i s a must to have epi stock as their are many allergen children in the building without diagnosis , and I have had an adult have a system reaction undiagnosed as well, to have the emergency med avaialble can save lives.

3.    Stock epi used for first time bee-sting reaction. She now has her own epi.

4.   I will use stock epi to send on field trips when a student did not have their own

5.    I stock Epi-Pens because most students in my school don't carry their own despite attempts to get their parents to provide the Epi Pen. When I used an Epi Pen on a student with a known peanut allergy who didn't have his Epi Pen the school did not get reimbursed nor did the parent replace my stock Epi Pen. If a parent refuses to cooperate what are school nurses to do?

6.    I have a handful of students who should have an epipen but still waiting for parents to take them to MD to get orders

7.    Another faculty had to use a stock Epipen on a student for 1st reaction on camping trip.

8.    ConvenientMD care provides our school with emergency epipens for those with unknown emergency reactions. I'm grateful for this program and hope it continues.

9.       Would like information about EpiPens for schools program.

10.     Is there a way to repeat the original 2 weeks of questions now that you have a better sample size of schools participating? The results are so interesting, and could be very helpful in preventing our district from reducing the nursing staff. Thank you!

Nurses County students Epipens prescribed Food Stinging Insects unknown allergen other allergen Epi given to known allergy How many have stock Use Epi4schools How many times have you used stock?
8 Belknap 3157 75 56 18 0 1 6 7 6 3
2 Carroll 382 12 11 1 0 0 2 0 2 0
8 Cheshire 2918 57 33 25 1 0 1 11 10 1
2 Coos 227 6 4 2 0 0 0 1 1 0
11 Grafton 3472 112 98 21 3 0 8 10 10 7
1 Hillsborough 10793 262 229 38 10 2 25 18 14 3
10 Merrimack 5330 133 111 21 3 0 8 17 17 1
18 Rockingham 6630 241 211 26 3 1 4 14 13 2
17 Strafford 2574 38 34 7 0 0 0 4 4 2
15 Sullivan 1537 38 28 10 2 3 0 5 5 0


Diabetics: 106 Schools Responded

44439 students 
168 Type 1 Diabetics
96 managed with pumps
72 managed with shots

330 nurse visits for 168 diabetics Averaging two visits per diabetic

# of schools reporting County Student Population # of Type 1 Diabetic # that use a pump # mangaged with shots 
6 Belknap 2714 8 4 4
  elementary   2    
  middle   0    
  High   6    
3 Carroll 618 2 0 2
  all elementary        
14 Cheshire 2308 11 6 5
  elementary   8    
  middle   3    
  High   0    
1 Coos 225 0 0 0
7 Grafton 2508 14 10 4
  elementary   0    
  middle   9    
  High   5    
21 Hillsborough 12064 46 29 17
14 Merrimack 6439 20 9 11
   elementary   3    
   middle   6    
   high   11    
24 Rockingham 12676 50 27 23
  elementary   18    
  middle   9    
  High   23    
11 Strafford 3945 13 8 5
  elementary   3    
  middle   2    
  High   8    
5 Sullivan 942 4 3 1
  elementary   2    
  middle   0    
  High   2    
106 TOTALS 44439 168 96 72

Parent / Student Contacts

How many student contacts did you have?

How many parent contacts did you have?


# of schools reporting county Student Population Parent Contacts Student Contacts
4 Belknap 1626 43 136
1 Carroll 244 2 25
9 Cheshire 2293 91 274
2 Coos 636 15 74
7 Grafton 2288 64 198
15 Hillsborough 6943 184 617
11 Merrimack 3693 131 382
22 Rockingham 12561 347 989
4 Strafford 1079 26 114
3 Sullivan 893 17 111
78   32256 920 2920

9% of the school population had contact with a school nurse

31% of those student contacts required contact with a parent

Illness Exclusion Policy 12-24-2017

Illness Exclusion Survey Results
61 Schools Responded
33 schools
have a policy
28 Schools
have no policy
Total out of
61 schools
When to send home for fever:
> 100.0 F and don't feel well 27 24 51
> 100.4 F and don't feel well 5 3 8
> 101.0F and don't feel well 1 1 2
Return to school after a fever
in 24 hours without advil or tylenol 33 26 59
less than 24 hours 0 2 2
Return to school after vomiting
Case by case 4 3 7
No vomiting in last 12 hours 3 2 5
No vomiting in last 24 hours 26 23 49

SAU 3 Policy

Dover School Board Policy


Hampton School District

SAU 74 Policy

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