Board Members for School Years 2020 - 2022

If you need to contact a board member, please email them at

President:  Paula MacKinnon, RN   Salem School District, Retired 
President Elect:  Laurie Fleming, MPH, RN, NCSN   Derry Middle   
Treasurer:   Pam Murphy BSN, RN  Peterborough Elementary   

NASN- NH Director: Linda Compton MS, RN   Great Brook School   
Secretary:  Meg Jenkins MS, BSN, RN   Guilford High School
Past President:   Kathy Barth BSN, RN, NCSN    Crossroads Academy, Retired

By-Laws: Pam Murphy, Linda Compton 
Continuing Ed:  Sheryl Chuda and Pamela Clay Storm
New England Conference: Linda Compton, Pam Murphy
Historian:  Open
Hospitality:  Irene Mackes
Advocacy / Marketing: Lisa Therrien BS, RN    Meg Jenkins MS, BSN, RN 
Membership:  Paula MacKinnon RN  (WebMaster) 
Scholarship: Open
School Nurse of the Year: Laura Gifford BSN, RN  and Karen Utgard
Nominating:  Open
Legislative:  Open:  Leave of Absence: Traci Fairbanks BS, RN  
Newsletter:  Emily Kotowski
NHSNA Liaisons:  Martha Judson MSN, RN and Nancy A. Wells


New Hampshire’s first school nurse was Elizabeth Murphy.  She worked for the city of Concord. She became the Director of School Health Services in the Department of Education for 23 years starting in 1919 and retiring in 1947. Under her leadership, she helped to unite small districts so that they could hire a full-time school nurse with a salary commensurate of teachers in that same district. School nurses were considered as much a part of the team as the teacher. She was also influential in revising the Health and Sanitation Statutes under the laws of public schools in 1921. The motivation for these changes was partially based on the number of “physical rejects” that was at an all-time high during  World War 1. These statutes remained in effect until they were revised in 1971.  READ MORE

2015 47th Annual NASN Conference Philadelphia PA

The 47th Annual NASN Conference, held this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was an energizing time networking with colleagues, listening to stories and learning from experts in our field.  NHSNA President Harriet Davenport presented our delegates at the annual meeting by saying:   "We are from the granite state of New Hampshire, and we are the rock solid foundation of our schools."

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