COVID-19 Vaccination questionnaire: READ CAREFULLY

  • 27 Dec 2020 10:56 AM
    Message # 9452975

    Ugh, be careful how you fill out the pre-registration form for the COVID-19 vaccine! I shot myself in the foot, and got an Email reply that said I was NOT-ELIGIBLE 

    This is the questionnaire:

    Please select one of the following that best applies to you: (MY ANSWER) At-Risk Health Workers - front line clinical staff who provide direct patient care and support staff with risk of exposure to bodily fluids or aerosols. Additionally, staff who have indirect or limited patient contact.

    Please choose one of the following that best applies to you: K-12 schools (school nurse)

    Are you a licensed healthcare worker? Yes 

    License type RN

    License number ######-##

    Further down, this question is what got me...
    Are you a front line clinical staff who provides direct patient care and supports staff with risk of exposure to bodily fluids or aerosols (e.g., ED, ICU, urgent care, respiratory therapists,occupational medicine, COVID-19 testing personnel, environmental services staff, security, etc.) (MY ANSWER) No

    I figured question above question was for "other people" not captured in the first at-risk healthcare identifier question. I specifically already indicated I was an at risk healthcare RN working in a school nurse role. Why have a follow-up question that leaves out that role, and asks if I work in an ED, ICU, Testing Staff, Security, etc?

    I filled it out again with my home email address. Let's see if I ever get an approved E-mail. 

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