• 13 Nov 2020 7:12 AM
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    As far as HiPAA vs FERPA

    School health records are covered under FERPA, not HiPAA.  Under FERPA the health information should be shared with staff that needs to know.  Who needs to know more than the nurse???

    Definitely keep advocating for access to the records.

  • 12 Nov 2020 9:56 AM
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    Additionally,  I am an American Heart Association CPR/First Aid Instructor , and  nurse Educator that will come and hold a class for your staff if and when you need it. 


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  • 12 Nov 2020 9:47 AM
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    I would ask that they make a binder for you.  Students within the same district can be covered by you for care so that makes it a need to know for you to properly treat them.  You are all nurses of the same district.  I often cover for the other nurses in my district.  We work together, that is it.  You should be a team supporting each other, and you too should make a sub binder for them.  Where it is kept is up to you all to decide.  It should be locked, and accessible to nurses , sub nurses, etc. ( I personally think that is a great idea)

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  • 12 Nov 2020 7:56 AM
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    Good question, 

    Normally, the school that is requesting a substitute nurse should have this information set-up, and housed securely for the sub.  They would keep this up to date, as conditions change.  You should ask them to create exactly what you want.  If the need arises, then you would grab it.  You can help them with the setup, so you know it has what you want.  

  • 10 Nov 2020 10:40 AM
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    Hello I am in a small school district. where there are 3 schools.  My school is the smallest with a student population under70.  It is a Kindergarten and Early Learning Center. The other 2 schools are first to 5th grade and have a population over 200. and 6th to 12th grades a have student population under 300 students.   We like so many other schools have difficulty with finding school nurses to substitute.   As the smallest school in our district I have been told to cover when the nurse is absent in their building and my building is left without a nurse.  Currently there is no-one in the building who have CPR First Aid. My superintendent states he "is working on it"    When this has happened in the past I have some concerns and have taken the assignment the situation was very anxiety producing, multiple issues. unable to get on the computer, knowing where things are located, not having keys to the Medication cart.   but this year I want to be prepared and know more of what I am walking into.  I had a meeting with the other 2  nurses and am requesting medical information on their students who are medically fragile.    I want to set up my own notebook with each school and keep this in my office. Having  information that is important to me,  Emerg. Action Plans, Instructions on Diabetic students names and contact  I would keep this notebook in my office and I can grab it when I am instructed to go to another building. 

    The 2 nurses are uncomfortable with sharing this information with me and me keeping a copy citing HIPPA / FERRPA concerns.

    Is there any information that you may help me with to understand and share with them and with my administration? 

    Thank you, 

    A nurse who wants to be as safe as possible. 

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