Over the Counter Medications

  • 05 Oct 2019 8:07 AM
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    I remember at a past school nursing conference, a hand vote was taken on who is allowed to and  at least 75% of the room said they did give OTC with parent permission.  The general feeling though was that it took nursing assessment so as to not medicate fevers etc. .  Also giving to the very young was an issue many nurses did not feel comfortable with.

    Here are two documents that will help you.

    NH Board of Nursing:  https://www.oplc.nh.gov/nursing/documents/school-nursing.pdf

    NHDOE Technical Advisory  letter (p) https://www.education.nh.gov/standards/documents/medication.pdfpe t

    Hope this helps you,

    Paula MacKinnon
    Woodbury Middle School
    Salem NH
    NHSNA President-Elect

  • 05 Oct 2019 7:58 AM
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    The school district I currently work for requires MD permission to give OTC medications like tylenol or advil to students in grades Pre-school to 8th grade.

    Do any other school districts in the state require this or is parent/guardian permission only needed?

    This is the first school district that I have worked in that requires a MD order/permission and I would like to present to the principal, superintendent and school board that parent permission is allowable for OTC medications. Of course there are individual cases that may require a doctor's order.

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