Mentoring School Nurse

  • 08 Jan 2019 12:13 PM
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    It would be wonderful if we had a School Nurse Coordinator at the DOE to answer this important question.

    Since the DOE has not come out with any guidance on this, I would assume that each school district is on their own to develop a plan?

  • 08 Jan 2019 8:14 AM
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    Good morning,

    I am currently researching this topic for my capstone for completion of my MSN program.

    I will gladly share results when complete, early to mid-March.

  • 03 Jan 2019 2:16 PM
    Message # 6982055

    With the new school nurse certification, nurses new to school nursing need to find mentors. Does anyone know what is involved in the mentorship? Are there guidelines to follow? If so where can I find the guidelines?

    Thank you!

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