• 11 May 2018 12:18 PM
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    Posted by Candace Nattie:

    Hello Fellow School Nurses,

    Is anyone aware of an impending law stating we will soon not be allowed to use personal computers for our work but be required to use a device such as a chrome book which needs constant Internet connection? The change being made so that all information should be stored in the cloud vs on our computers. We are opposed to this change but want to hear how other school nurses do their work and save it.

    Thank you,

    Candace Nattie

    Hanover High School


    SAU 73: We only store information on the school desktop computer and in the main

    school system.

    Concord School District has supplied the nurse's with laptops for use with

    the Caredox EHR.

    We have already adopted this policy in our district. All staff have district assigned devices.

    Laura Snelling BSN, RN

    School Nurse

    Walpole Attendance Area

    We use SNAP and it is stored in the cloud.

    Donna Wyman RN

    Porstmouth Christian Academy at Dover

    We have school purchased computers and are on Google Software plus SNAP Software therefore always connected through our schools server.

    LSawyer, RN BSN

    School Nurse

    Epping Middle & High Schools

    We use here at Hollis-Brookline High School. We grant limited access to the physical trainer who helps us with concussion management.

    Amber and Kelly SAU 41

    I have only ever used a school computer (desktop/hard drive) and am glad. It doesn't seem appropriate to be using a personal computer for student's health records and documentation. -- Northwood

    Our devices are always district assigned. I meant we would only be able to use the device while on the internet and all health information would be stored in the cloud. There are no "desktops" thus no saved materials on your desktop.


    Candace, is there a reason you are using your own computer? The school should be supplying one and your information should be backed up in an encrypted form on the school server.

    Ellen SAU15

    I have a work computer assigned to me. SAU23

    I was under the impression that it has to be a school computer, or hospital computer as anything else violated HIPPA. I heard this on the news last night.

    Lynn Olden RN

    Valley View School

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