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    We are a K-8 school and are lucky to have a health education teacher who delivers the middle school health education curriculum to grades 6-8. On occasion I support the fifth grade teachers in delivering a class on puberty and we use the Proctor & Gamble Always Changing and Growing Up materials found on their website. The NH DOE Middle School Curriculum Guidelines can be found on the NH DOE website, along with the entire document which spans elementary, middle and high school grades. Disclaimer: This document was created a long time ago .. 2003, I think, but still seems to be a useful guide. 

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    I do the same. We have K-6 so I only do the 5th grade-Puberty class so they can understand what some of their bodies are going through. It isn't "sex ed". A lot of the students are actually (or at least act like) afraid to do this class. Maybe they think we are going to get in to sex ed. They probably already know about it but at this age they can get that from their parents, but usually get it from friends/peers, 

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    I teach a 45 minutes session on puberty separately to boys and girls in grade 5.  They do cover body systems in 6 and 7th grade.   Currently we do not have a health teacher position.  This has been proposed for next years budget as a part time position.  We are a K-8 school of approx 600 students. 

    Ellen Warecki, APRN NCSN

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    The following questions come from 
    Whitney Nowak
    Lincoln Akerman  School

    Hello Listserv!

    A few questions on Human Growth & Development in your middle school: Is it a requirement for NH middle schools to provide a HG&D program? Are there Core Competencies which guide the teaching of this material? Who teaches HG&D in your school? 

    Thanks so much!

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