2020-2021 Initiatives

  1.   Collaboration with William Phillips, Staff Attorney & Director of Policy Services for the NH School Board Association.  Mr Phillips asked NHSNA to collaborate with them on school nurse / health policy.


1.  Lending library  (Some are available now, email nhschoolnurses@gmail.com)

  • 6 Adult and 6 Child CPR manikins 
  • 2 AED trainers
  • Stop the Bleed Training Kit and Free Stop the Bleed Training
  • ECSI CPR Training Program

2.  Immunization Collaborative with Keene State College and the NH Medical Society

3.  NHSNA funded the creation of  "NH School Nurse Guidelines"
Anticipated completion 2020

4.  Yearly Free Legal Issues Seminar (Held August 20th)

5. Stakeholders Meetings for Medicaid to Schools Program
On September 27, 2019, Governor Sununu wrote to NH school superintendents to convey his support of the MTS program
and alerting them to the fact that the CMS had issued guidance around additional regulations and was requiring the State to
reassess how the program was administered.
Traci Fairbanks and Nancy Wells attended the first stakeholder meeting on October 17th. Additional meeting dates are:
October 29th 2-4
November 5th 2:30-4:30
November 21st 12:30 - 2:00

October 17th Meeting Summary (Pending)

5.   Emergency Bronchodilator School Pilot Project
In 2016, the New Hampshire (NH) legislature passed SB322, Relative to the provision and administration of bronchodilators, spacers, and nebulizers in schools. This legislation enables schools to address emergent situations for students with asthma, with the goal of reducing the number of students with asthma who must be dismissed from school due to their asthma.

In Fall 2017, the NH Asthma Control Program, in collaboration with the NH School Nurses Association, supported pilot implementation of the emergency inhaler legislation in 28 schools in 10 school districts (pilot schools) across New Hampshire over the 2017-2018 school year. An additional ten schools (nonpilot schools) that expressed interest in the project also participated. School nurses at all 28 pilot schools received a one-hour training and training and educational materials. All pilot schools and nonpilot schools received an emergency inhaler and four spacers.  READ FULL REPORT HERE

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